IOVANNA , CARBONE, INDICO, ROMANO. seek info/help on family

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Subject: IOVANNA , CARBONE, INDICO, ROMANO. seek info/help on family

dear posters i am seeking
ancestors of the Iovanna family.
it is verbal family info that Iovannas
came from Avellino.
there may have been a few that came over together.
my husbands grandfather was said to have family left in Italy and
he always sent them money.
grandfather imigarated to the U.S. in Massachusetts
family resided the rest of the years in Revere Massachusetts

grandfather Angello Raffealle Iovanna b.1889? his mother Nicholetta Indico.
his fahter Raffaelle Iovanna Italy
m. Gaetana M. Carbone b. 1890 + - 1 yr. in Italy
Gaetana {sp?] Carbones mothers maiden name was Carmella Romano.
as far as i know the emmigrated about 1900
>>there was also a verbal mention of a place called Lapio??
that sone of them may have come from..

if anyone could help me with any info on these relatives
i would be very gratfull i would like to find the marriage certificate
and any other info to help fill in the blanks..

thanks ever so much K Iovanna 3crow- AT -

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