Ruggiero-Scarano of Aquilonia, Napoliello of Calabritto

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Antonia Scarano arrived in America from Avellino, Italy aboard the Algeria on October 1, 1906. She was 38 years old. Antonia was accompanied by her daughter, Gaetana Ruggero, 4 years old, and 3 minors with surname Mazzullo: Michelina, 16 years old, Angelo 9, Guiseppe 8. Michelina's twin, Guiseppe Marzulli died on the trip over.

Michael Napoliello came alone from Calabritto, Italy aboard the Umbria on June 10, 1907. His name is listed as Attilio Napoliello. He was 12 years old. His sister Angelina Napoliello arrived on May 4, 1907 aboard the Hamburg. She was 16 years old from Calabritto, Italy.

Gaetana "Ida" Ruggerio married Michael Napoliello, Social Security Index gives birth date as 1 July 1902, death date as 10 April 1992. The Napoliellos were married about 1932, lived in Newark, New Jersey. Michael Napoliello had three children by a previous marriage: Alfonso, born ca 1928; Jean born ca 1924; Viola born ca 1922.
Michael and Ida Napoliello had four children all born in Newark, New Jersey: Marion born June 4 1934; Dolores born June 19, 1935 (twin); Jean born June 19, 1935 (twin); Violet born Dec 5, 1938

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