DeMartino from Altavilla Irpina

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I have just started trying to trace the genealogy on my father's side of the family. His name was Nicholas DeMartino, and he was born 10-11-09 in Avellino, Italy. I believe his father's name was Thomas, and his mother was Jenny Lepore (at least Jenny was her American name). The family came to America when dad was 3 -- around 1912. My grandfather Thomas returned to Italy shortly after the family was settled to take care of some "business". His family was told he had taken ill and had died in Italy. A daughter, Mary, was born in America. My grandfather was a headstone carver by trade, according to my dad.

My father's mother died when he was 17 -- Christmas Eve -- and that would have been around 1926. I know she was only in her mid 30's -- perhaps 36. I wish someone working on the Lepore or DeMartino genealogies would contact me.

I know nothing other than that. Can anyone offer some help into my research???? I remember my father crying -- one of the few times I ever witnessed such a sight -- when we learned of the earthquake in Avellino years ago. He was precious to me... and anything I can pass on to his grandchildren regarding his heritage would be a blessing. Thanks for any help.

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