Galetta-De Lauro from Forino

Posted by Victor Galletto on October 17, 2005 at 18:35:59:

Looking for Family In Forino, Italy
My Grandfather Francesco Galetta, USA Name Francesco Galletto came to the USA On Aug 10 1921, 23 years old from Forino Italy to Rochester NY. His brothers' names: Enrico, Raffaele, Luigi, Filippo, Giuseppe, all of them came to the USA.
Mother's name was Filomena Di Lauro. She stayed in Italy, don't know the father's name. I could have the mother's name wrong it could be Gioinnia or something like that. They were from I think Avellino.

Filomena Galletto had these sons: Joseph Galetto he had a son Guido Galletto or Galetto; Luigi Galetto 1880; Andy Galletto; Phil Galletto; Ralph Galletto, b. Mar 15 1892, Italy; Francesco Galletto, Jun 01 1898, Italy

Is anyone related to the family please let me know.let me know
Victor Galletto

Cerco famiglia Galetta in Forino, Italia. Mio nonno Francesco Galetta, nome in USA Francesco Galletto venne in America il 10 Agosto 1921 a 23 anni da Forino a Rochester NY insieme ai suoi fratelli Enrico, Raffaele, Luigi, Filippo, Giuseppe. La madre penso era Filomena che è rimasta in Italia, non so il nome del padre.
Victor Galletto

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