Origin of Minichiello surname

Posted by Todd M. Minichiello on October 27, 2005 at 23:06:30:


It seems as though the majority of minichiello's originate from the Campania, Avellino Region, and have to wonder, why? does anybody know were our name came from or who it came from or even orginated from. This is probally a pretty diffucult question... but you have to wonder why such a very large a majority of us immargrated from these exact location.

Update from Forums' Editor

The etymology is from the first name Menico, an abbreviation of Domenico, and Minichiello is a term of endearment typical of the Campania region. It is mostly found in the province of Avellino, around Grottaminarda, with important numbers also in Naples and Rome. [Source: Dizionario storico-onomastico di Bonito, by Emanuele Grieco, ed. Luì, 2014]