Pagliuca and Cataldo from Montefalcione

Posted by Sarah S on December 02, 2006 at 19:41:05:

I've been searching for the past 5 years off and on.
Here's what I know; Joseph (Giuseppe) Pagliuca b. April 21 1892 [his parents were John? Pagliuca and Theresa Stracha] came to the USA when he was 18/19, went back and married Teresa Cataldo b.1891

They had 6 children then Teresa died 13 Nov. 1920 at 29yr old. Then he went back for his second wife, Carmela Iatosca b. 29 April 1894 and they had 3 children. They were all from Montefalcione and lived in Roslinedale, MA. I also think, I don't have my information on this right in front of me at the moment, that Teresa had a brother with the last name Cataldo and that Giuseppe Pagliuca's sister married Teresa's brother.

I tried to get to Montefalcione this summer while I was in Salerno, but the day I chose to go I could only get as far as Avellino due to the buses not running there on Sunday. I have more details on the chidren and will post more later. Please let me know if you have any information on the family surnames OR any tips on getting connected to the town. I sent out a letter to a few random people in the village and have one contact but they do not seem to be related. Or even how to get information from the church/records if I am able to go there. Ciao!

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