Palomba family from Summonte

Posted by Joseph A. Derwin on May 04, 2007 at 17:27:37:

I am looking for a starting point to trace my mother's family on my grandfather's side. His name was Nicola Palomba. I believe he was from Avellino. I believe my grandmother's first name was Anna. She was his second wife. Another name associated with the family is Mottolese. The town name on the family tombstone in Waterbury, Connecticut is Summonte. I am unsure if that was her town or his. I also believe that he was a banker here in America. He probably came to America in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. I do not know if he came through Ellis Island in New York or through some other entry point. He lived in Waterbury, Connecticut.

I know some of the childrens' names from his marriage to my grandmother: Frederick, Pasquale, Bettina (my mother), Daniel, Benjamin. My uncle Pasquale ("Pat", wife Jean) and my mother Bettina ("Elizabeth" married name Derwin) were twins. The children whose names I can remember from the first marriage were: Margaret (married name Spagnola), Lucy (married name Ruggierio; husband Roland), and Louise. There may have been more children from either marriage, I just cannot remember names. The families settled mostly in Connecticut in Waterbury and Bristol.

If anyone is familiar with the name Palomba, I would appreciate hearing from you. I am looking for some information to point me in the right direction. Thank you.


Sto cercando un punto di partenza per rintracciare la famiglia del nonno di mia madre. Il suo nome è Nicola Palomba, credo da Avellino.

Il nome della città per la famiglia lapide in Waterbury, Connecticut è Summonte. Non sono sicuro se era la sua città o della moglie. Credo anche che egli è stato un banchiere qui in America, probabilmente è venuto in America alla fine del diciannovesimo secolo o all'inizio del ventesimo. Non so se è venuto attraverso Ellis Island a New York o attraverso qualche altro punto di ingresso. Ha vissuto a Waterbury, Connecticut.

Molti discendenti risiedono in Waterbury nel Connecticut e Bristol. Se qualcuno conosce il nome Palomba, gradirei qualche informazione che mi indichi la giusta direzione. Grazie.

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