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The 1930 census, that you mention, gives 65 years of age for Michelangelo Adelitzo (most surely Adelizzi/Adelizzo/Adelizio) born therefore about 1864-5, and 50 as the age for his wife Augusta. The age at marriage for her is given as 17, so she married about 1896. We were not able to decode exactly the age of first marriage for Michelangelo, it seems 25. The immigration year as reported in the same census seems 1902 for both, though the online image is a bit ruined. The passenger arriving through Ellis Island in 1903 declares he is 34 years old and married, directed to cousin Serafino Adelizzi - that would give as his birth year 1868-9. So the ages given in the two sources are not completely in agreement, and if we assume ages to be correct both in Ellis Island and in the census, this is not your ancestor.

Adelizzi and Taglianetti are typical surnames of the Province of Salerno, and more exactly of the Campagna (not to be mistaken with the region Campania, which is, to add a little more confusion also the region where the place is located).

The change of spelling is often not easy to explain, though the double "z" as "tz" is understandable as a pronunciation equivalent.

The fact that his wife was not on the same ship (in case you want to keep the Ellis hipothesis of Michele of 1903 being your grandfather) is not unusual, the husband usually went first to establish himself in a neighbourhood, staying at first with a relative of friend.

The wife Augusta (Agostina?) may have come some months later than him (if this is your Michele) and as from your info Anthony was born in June 1904.

The final word in discovering if the elements we have identified in your research point to the village of Campagna would be a marriage act (specify "estratto di matrimonio con paternita' e maternita'") Adelizzi Michelangelo - Taglianetti Augusta /Agostina - about 1897-8 that you can request from the Ufficio Anagrafe of the village (address:
Ufficio Anagrafe - Municipio
Largo Cantalupo, 1
84022 Campagna (SA)

Good Luck!

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