Josephine (Matrone) Izzo

Posted by Jennifer Rossi Auwarter on 01/25/03 at 1:49 PM

Ciao. Mi chiamo Jennifer Rossi Auwarter. Parlo italiano un po, ma non molto bene. La mia bisnonna si chiama Josephine (Matrone) Izzo. Scusa la mia inglese per favore.

Josephine Matrone married Ellio Izzo. Josephine Matrone lived in Controne, Italy. Josephine and Ellio came to the US in the 1930s. They had two children in Italy - Carmella and Rose Marie - who came to the US with them. They also had four sons who died in Italy before they came to the US due to illness. Josephine and Ellio had two more children after coming to the US - Angela and Anthony.

Rose Marie Izzo is my maternal grandmother (la mia nonna). Rose Marie Izzo was married in the US and had four children: Jo Anne, Bonnie, Richard, and Donald. Jo Anne is my mother (la mia madre).

La mia madre (Jo Anne) and I are traveling to Rome in April, 2003. We are planning on visiting Controne, Italy for one day. Any information on family still residing in Controne would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on where to visit while in Controne would appreciated.


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