Adelizzi-Taglianetti family from Campagna

Posted by Larry L. Cartwright on 04/10/03 at 9:05 AM

Subject:   Adelizzi-Taglianetti family from Campagna

I've been looking for info on the Adelitzo surname, but have been told it was probably written down wrong at port of entry, and I can't find any reference to it in Italy!
My grand parents were Michael and Augustina Adelitzo, and they resided in Baldwin, Lake Co., Sweetwater Twp., MI. My mother Mary Marie Adelitzo was born there in 1912, but died recently , so I am unable to question her about it. They were on the 1930 census in Michigan, as Adelitzo, then the 1920 census as Delitzo! It stated that they arrived in US in 1898-1903, and are from the region of Compania and Basilicata. I also found out that their oldest son Anthony (1904), and daughter Susie (1910) were born in Illinois. Recently I found that my Grandmother's maiden name was Taglianetti. So I'm thinking that they went to Chicago after arriving because that was the largest group of Italians, other than New York. There is no one left to check with! I believe the name started out as Adelizzi, Deliso, Delizzo, or a variation of such!
I've been checking Ellis Island religiously now for about 6 months, but no luck! All I could find is a Michel Adelizzi & Filomena Taglianetti that came over on the same ship, and the approx. ages.
Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Thank You,
Larry L. Cartwright

Update from Forums' Editor

From records made available online at and the civil records online at
  • Immigration record 1905 [(Ellis Island), 1892-1924 Roll 594, vol 1251-1253, 27 Jun 1905] Fagostina Taglianetti, 30 years old, from Campagna, directed to husband Adelitzo Michele.
  • Archivio di Salerno, Campagna, birth record 1874 no. 173 - imgs 102-103: Taglianetti Faustina, born 26 May 1874 of Vito of late Antonio, 36 and Francesca Marturella 26, address Via San Giacomo. Aside: marriage to Adelizzi Michele 17 June 1894.
  • Archivio di Salerno, Campagna, marriage record 17 June 1894, no. 45 img 48: Adelizzi Michele, 25, of Angelo Raffaele and late Busillo Filomena; with Taglianetti Faustina 19 of Vito and Marturella Francesca.

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