Peduto, Uzzo, Macchiaroli, Budetta, Pepe, Valittuti

Posted by Romano Peduto on 05/17/03 at 4:38 PM

Mi name is Romano Peduto, I live in Ramos Mejia (Buenos Aires) Argentina.
my father and granparents come from Bellosguardo (Salerno)
My father name is Ruggiero Peduto

My grandparents: Francesco Peduto and Sirena Uzzo

My great-grandparents:
Ruggiero Uzzo and Carolina Budetta (parents of Sirena)
Giovanni Peduto and Teresa Valitutti (or Balitutti) (parents of Francesco)

My great-great-grandparents:
Pepino Peduto and (yet don't know) (parents of Giovanni)
Rosario Uzzo and Sirena Macchiaroli (parents of Ruggiero)
Ferdinando Budetta and Arcangela Pepe (parents of Carolina)

Don't know more beyond that.
If you know something write me.

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