Family Village for Luigi Petronella

Posted by Robert Petronelli on 07/05/03 at 11:32 AM

Subject:   Family Village for Luigi Petronella

I am trying to find Galdo and information regarding my great-grandfather who came to America in 1893. At that time his name was "Luigi Petronella". Due to some type of disagreement with his brother he change his last name to "Petronelli". I am seeking any information regarding the town, Galdo, or family with the last name "Petronella". I just don't have any knowledge available to me concerning the exact location. The history which I have retained over the years, is that the Petronella family came from "Galdo", approximately 80 miles away from Naples. All of these communities seem to fit based on distance. My plans are to visit in mid to late October. Any information would be a great help.

All the best,
Bob Petronelli

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