Looking for Mazza, Vigorito, and Salerno famies

Posted by Angie Mazza Dugan on 08/15/03 at 1:50 PM

Subject:   Looking for Mazza, Vigorito, and Salerno famies

My Grandfather Carmine Mazza was from Corlto Monteforte, Salerno. He was born on July 16, 1887... he married Angeline Vigotito... they had 2 children born in Corleto then they came to the United States about 1913 or 1914.. they settled in Niles, Ohio where they had 6 other children. Angeline passed away in 1926... Carmine returned to Corleto and married Maria Salerno... he brought her to USA. I would like to find out if any relatives are in Corleto and to find out about sibblings of Carmine Mazza and parents and grandparents. I have info about my Angeline Vigorito's parents and grandparents.

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