Schiavo's - LUSTRA & Longo's - RUTINO

Posted by Bernadette Schiavo on 08/23/03 at 7:39 AM

Subject:   Schiavo's - LUSTRA & Longo's - RUTINO

My Paternal Grandfather, Vincenzo Schiavo immigrated from LUSTRA in 1902 settling in Paterson, NJ. He had one brother that we know of, Natale Schiavo who settled (we believe) in Johnstown, PA. We cannot locate any records for Natale nor family. We do not know of any living relatives in Italy. I was able to locate Natale's record thru Ellis Island. He stayed in NYC for a brief time, then moved to Johnstown, PA (we believe). He married and had children, but I cannot locate him thru any of the census records. I'm not exactly sure when contacted stopped, possibly the early 1940's. I did not find a death record for Natale Schiavo, however, I did find one for Natale Skiavo, from PA. I'm aware that some immigrants changed their names. I will try to research Natale Skiavo. Any Schiavo's from LUSTRA out there?

My Paternal Grandmother, Concetta LONGO Schiavo immigrated from RUTINO in 1913. We know she had at least one sister, Maria. Any Longo relatives from RUTINO out there?

Thank you.

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