Hello Sottolano Cousins

Posted by Bruce J. Sottolano on 09/03/03 at 5:14 PM

Cara Cugini,

I am from Eastern Pennsylvania, My grandfather is Sabato (wife Palma Rita) Sottolano and his father is Vincenzo (wife Rose) Sottolano, all deceaced for many years.

My father's sister Lena (Madelena) made many trips to vistit family in Cannalonga. She is also deceaced for many years.

My hope is to find remaining family and records proving direct blood line from Italy to America. If I can prove Italian citicenship by blood I have Italian and American citizenship and live in Italy like any other Italian citizen

My hope has always been to visit the home land. Now I am old and retired. Maybe I can visit or even retire in Italy.

I am eager to contact my Sottolano family in Italy.

You may see my picture at http://sottolano.com if you are intereasted.


Bruce J. Sottolano
my real paper mail is P.O. Box 51, Blooming Glen, PA 18911
also you can send to me bjs at sottolano dot com
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