Controne (Salerno)Italy

Posted by Gina Falce, Astuto on 11/25/03 at 5:52 AM

Subject:   Controne (Salerno)Italy

I've been to controne, at least 5 times. My mother Regina Falce, and Father Vincent Astuto were born there.They lived in Hays, Pgh PA. came here in l92l. I still have relatives there in Controne. Salvatore Luongo, son of Terease Falce Luongo, and cousins Giocanda Gatti Mara. married to Gabarele Mara. Also the Tancredi family. When there you must visit the Grotto of Castelchivita , its a beautiful cave, where the people hid during the 2nd. world war. They take tours into it. Very beautiful. The town has greatly improved, since the war, and many homes are being built, as the children who left became properous, and now have returned , or vacation there. August 7th is when they celebrate the feast of San Donato. Fireworks, and parades etc. Many people return for this feast day. A great experience. I keep in touch with the relatives, by phone, and computer.
Have a wonderful trip. God Bless Gina Giovane

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