Gaudioso Surname Search

Posted by Gerri, from Niagara Falls, Canada on 12/31/03 at 8:25 AM

Subject:   Gaudioso Surname Search

Hi: I am looking for information about my great grandfather Pietro Vincenzo Gaudioso who was born in 1875 in Castelnuovo di Conza. He immigrated to Canada in 1909. His wife was Caterina Del Duca and they had 4 children born there. Gerardo (Charles), Michelle (Michael), Antonio and Angela Maria. Caterina and the children immigrated to Canada in 1911. Going to website, I see that the Gaudioso surname is not there, but there is 3 Gaudiosi surnames. Does anyone know if this would be the same family? On my great grandfather's headstone it definitely says Gaudioso. I also noticed that there were no Del Duca's in present day Castelnuovo. Does anyone have an idea about that? The family folklore says that is where she came from. Any information would be greatly appreciated and a direct email to me would be even more appreciated. Thank you.

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