Conte, Galdarisi, Rago from Baronissi and Salerno

Posted by Marlena Feuz Amalfitano on 01/01/04 at 10:22 AM

My husband's grandmother, Catrina Galdarisi was born in Baronissi in 1872, the daughter of Vincenzo and Rosalia Galdarisi. She had 3 known brothers - Camillo, Guiseppe and Francisco. I don't know if she had any sisters. She married first, Savino Rago and had 2 daughters, Savina and Lucia, both born in Baronissi. He died and she married and she married Sebastiano Conte, from Arpino, in Salerno 1901. They had Raffaella and Francesco, born in either Slaerno or Baronissi. They emigrated in 1907. I would like to know where to begin, as Baronissi records do not seem to be in the LDS records. Are there churches in Baronissi or Salerno I can contact? Are any of these names familiar to anyone? Any help greatly appreciated. All these people are now dead, the last dying this year at 106 - but they did not want to discuss the past, so we have little info. Thanks, Marlena

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