Re: Corleto Monforte

Posted by charles Sudano on 01/08/04 at 7:19 PM

Subject:   Re: Corleto Monforte

Good evening Angie: Charles Sudano here. My parents also migrated to Niles from New York city. That was before I was born. From what i understand my mother did not care to live there so they moved back to N.Y. As far as I know we are not related to tne Sudano's in Niles. Matter of fact there is one other Sudano that lives in N.J. however that family all passed away except for Maggie Lee Sudano. we consider ourselves cousins, but not first cousins. Her parents frequently went to niles on so called vacations. Although they are wintering in Fla. I'll give you their E Mail address. Regards Charles Sudano

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