Posted by Cherie (DeSalvatore) Ferrantello on 01/23/04 at 1:26 PM

Subject:   DeSalvatore/DiSalvatore

I'm searching for DeSalvatore's or DiSalvatore's. My father told me that his Grandfather, Enrico DeSalvatore was born in Palermo, 1881. I posted a message in the Sicily forum. I can not find the name DeSalvatore at all in Palermo. Sicily. I did see in the phone book that there are 5 DeSalvatore's in Salerno, 1 in Aosta and 1 in Milano. Would love to hear from anyone whom thinks we are related or who could help me. Our name is not as common as I thought it would be in Italy. My father's information may be wrong. Thanks so much. Cherie (DeSalvatore) Ferrantello

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