Lucia / Delaro

Posted by Amy on December 13, 2004 at 06:27:47:

Hi, I'm new around here and doing some research on my family history..

I have the history (mostly) from the point that my g-g grandfather Pasquale "Pap" Lucia stowed away to America. Still putting pieces together. What I don't have is a clear account of his life before this.

I've heard a few conflicting stories two of which I've heard repeated a few times: He abandon a wife and three children in Salerno and ran off to America. The other being: He was engaged to Mary Louise Delaro and stowed away to get to America to marry her. (this one sounds way too romantic to be real)

I also wanted more history on Mary Louise, but I think that may take more than just a few inquiries here and there.

If anyone has any helpful advice or information I would love to hear it!

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