any help i can get THANK YOU :)

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Subject: any help i can get THANK YOU :)

i'm melanie viselli from north carolina. i'm trying to find anyone who can help me with my research...i've already gotten many good ideas for searching from various other people. but with the little amount that i know about my fathers side of the family, i need all the help i can get.

the things i do know------
my father's name is peter viselli-born in farrell, PA-october 3, 1944
my grandfathrs name is Guiseppi (joseph) viselli born in strangolagalli (italy) on february 21, 1896. Died in 1964 ( november)
my great grandfathers name was Pietro Viselli (visicelli, possible misspelling)born in strangolagalli on may 20, 1869, died May 10, 1953. when he immigrated to america he wound up living around the bronx, and most of the time his occupation is listed as tailor* (*may have been the occupation of filipo).
my great-great grandfathers name was Filipo Viselli born in Strangologalli Italy *am not sure when just yet*....his wife's name was
Rosa Di Gasperi.

a list of the siblings of joseph (Guiseppi) Viselli, my grandfather....
1) Angelo-upon immigration, moved to the bronx, ny
2) John-upon immigration, moved to Binghamton, ny (is the father of my fathers cousin Peter Viselli in Michigan).
3) Enrico-moved to the bronx also.
4) Rosa-immigrated into montreal, canada (was possibly Joseph's twin sister)* (*, sort of sad story behind this)
5) Santina-moved to the bronx
6) Lucietta-last known residance was in rome.

my fathers mother's name was Amelia Crago (Grieco)
born April 15, 1904---died June 28, 1962
Amelia's fathers name was Anthony Grieco
born 1878 --died 1976
Amelia's mothers name was Margarete Grieco (maiden name unknown at this time)
born 1879 --died 1950

the names for the siblings of amelia (that i know of)
1) Dominic (butney) Grieco
born 1906 died 1949

2) Theresa Grieco (married Yakell)
born 1909 died 1985

3) Matilda Grieco (married Pandza)
Unsure of dates at this time, she is still living though (in her early 80's)

that is by no means the only siblings, there were possibly as many as 10-11 children in the family, these are the only ones i know of for now.

if this has been any help to anyone whatsoever, there's a first time for everything. and if this has maybe jogged any memories for anyone that may know more (that don't mind supplying info to help me) THANK YOU !!!!!

melanie viselli

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