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Posted by Tano Rea on 07/18/03 at 5:27 PM

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In Reply to: Family Gatti and Rea posted by Emily M. Matthias on 06/28/03 at 11:53 AM:

Hi, I come from the North east of England from a large Italian family originally from Arpino. My paternal Grandfather was Camillo Rea, my Father was Gaetano Rea (known as Kia) and he had 1 brother (Camillo) and 2 sisters Gully and Seraphina.

I'm 53 now and we visited Arpino a number of times as children - I must have been about 11 the last time. My Father died in 1965 aged only 49 but my uncle still lives in Middlesbrough.

There seems to be a very strong musical and artistic connection through the Rea line. Our cousin is Chris Rea the singer, I was a professional Opera singer and the rest of the family are involved in art or music.

I know very little about the history of the Rea family (except I'd always undestood that they owned quite a large amount of land in Arpino. Mr Mother's family come from Casino.

It would be interesting to hear back from you.

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