Re: Montanino/Colaluca/Tortolani

Posted by Gabriel Colaluca on 07/20/03 at 4:25 AM

Subject:   Re: Montanino/Colaluca/Tortolani

In Reply to: Montanino/Colaluca/Tortolani posted by Terry Montanino on 05/16/03 at 9:26 AM:

Well If you could let me know what part of the country your family is from I might be able to help. I live in San Francisco, My father lives in Ohio by way of Farell PA. My grand father lives now in Florida, but from some of my internet searches I see we have spread out well. I know there was a group of us in Providance RI at the turn of the century. They had a soda company Colaluca Bros.

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