d'Annunzio families in Villa Latina

Posted by d'Annunzio on 08/20/03 at 10:52 AM

Subject:   d'Annunzio families in Villa Latina

I would like to contact anyone named d'Annunzio, Annunzio, Randolfi, Marrazzo, or Mancini from Villa Latina or Atina.

My family led by Michele d'Annunzio and Fortunata Mancini left Atina 125 years ago finding their way to Liverpool England.

I would like to confirm an ancestor, Michele d'Annunzio born about 1780 in Villa Latina, who married Annantonia Marrazzo in the church Santa Annunziata, and whose descendants lived in Atina.

Also, I would like to determine the location of the Tavern run by Felice d'Annunzio in Atina about 1840-70

Joe d'Annunzio

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