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Posted by Helen Llamas on 08/31/03 at 6:25 PM

Subject:   Re: Ciao a tutti

In Reply to: Ciao a tutti posted by Rita Maria Styles in Tarrant on 05/26/03 at 6:56 AM:

hello Rita, I am your cousin Helen, daughter of Eleonora. I was just looking on the internet to see if there were any pictures of Cerreto to show to Mam and I saw your name and couldn't believe it!
I had a phone call from my son Pete, who met you in Cerreto. He was so happy to meet some of the family there as he had heard a lot about everyone but never met anyone. Would you please thank Albana for me as it was really kind to let Pete and Ella visit you and they loved meeting everyone. He is going to send me some photos.
Are you moving to Italy for good? I hope you will reply to this message. Lots of love from Helen xxx

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