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Posted by Alberto Leone on 10/20/03 at 2:24 PM

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I just returned from San Donato, my mother and father were born there. The are Piselli's my grandfather was Guiseppe Piselli. There are still Piselli's in San Donato, but they are four or five generations removed from me. The prevelent names in San Donato today are Leone, Piselli, Salvucci, and Centrone. There are about 30 Cugini's also. San Donato's sister city is Newtown, Mass. It says so on the city signs. Many people from San Donato Val di Camino imigrated to MA, Philadelphia ( in Philadelphia there is a San Donato church, surrounded by hundreds of people who imigrated from San Donato. Also, I found out that many imigrated to Scotland and Dublin, where they are in the Pizza, Fish & Chips business and Gelato business.
Alberto Leone

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