Lanciano/Langiano/Miele surname request

Posted by Tina A. on 11/02/03 at 4:04 PM

Subject:   Lanciano/Langiano/Miele surname request

My grandfather, Pietro Lanciano, came to the USA from Cassino, Italy. He married my grandmother, Yvonne Bellemare-Langiano. His name was changed from LANCIANO to LANGIANO at Ellis Island. I know he had a sister, Dominicia Langiano, who married Stefano or Stephano Miele in Cassino, Italy. I have found their information on the Ellis Island website, and also in the 1930's census. Does anyone know how to obtain records in Cassino, Italy? If I remember correctly, someone once told me that there was a fire that destroyed all records. Also, does anyone have any other information on these surnames? I have been researching my family tree for about 5 years, and have only found his sister's name, and possibly a brother too. I know it was customary when a married or unmarried woman sailed, either a brother or father was to escort her. I know that the man that came with my grandfather's sister was only 2 years older than her, which I am assuming this was her older brother. Any help???

Thanks a bunch for listening! LOL


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