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Posted by joanne iuppa-hayden on 11/09/03 at 6:47 PM

Subject:   Re: Vendetti or Venditti

In Reply to: Vendetti or Venditti posted by Joe Vendetti on 09/14/03 at 1:18 PM:

We found relatives in Italy on Mom's and Dad's side...... from those visiting The provincial messageboards from USA and Canada...... and also from an American living in the Naples Area who does searches as a hobby and second income. What a marvelous experience! I WILL GO BACK TO LEARN MORE. What province is that town in? Grandpa was from Caserta but it was changed to Frisonone after the duchy wars.

I also had my mind jogged about a Joe Vendetti I knew in Buffalo NY when a student there. Could it be you.......???????

Joanne Liberatore Iuppa-Hayden

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