POFI 2004 Reunion

Posted by Antonio Pizzacaroli on 12/15/03 at 10:22 AM

Subject:   POFI 2004 Reunion

POFI reunion in August 2004
Posted By: Antonino Pizzicaroli

To all people from Pofi who live in the USA, Canada and Australia.
And to all people whose ancestors were from POFI, please make sure you will email me to register or
just for information on the REUNION.
The reunion is sceduled to take place in POFI,province of Frosinone, in August 2004.

You can also contact Franca at AGRIPOFI (eating facility) at: 0775-380350 or 335-326866

Or, just write to:

Antonino Pizzicaroli
Via Valle Dell'Arciprete, 6
03026 POFI (Frosinone)

Hope to hear from many of you soon,and to see all of you in Pofi to discover your roots, and to taste our good local vino..!!!

Tony Pizzicaroli

pizzicaroli@aol.com (in canada until March 2004)
416-727-3402 cellular (in Pofi after march 2004)

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