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Posted by Remo Deplacido on 01/16/04 at 4:27 PM

Subject:   Re: Andreucci / Andrucci from Picinisco

In Reply to: Re: Andreucci / Andrucci from Picinisco posted by Eddie Demarco on 01/07/04 at 7:09 AM:

Hi Edward

I saw your name on the message board and I hope you dont think that it is presuptious of me writing to you but I knew a gentleman by the name of antonelli when i worked in the Royal british Hotel in Princes St.

He was Pastry Chef and a very good one and he was married and had two chikdren. I believe that h stayed in the tolcros area of edinburgh. I should say that I am going back 50 years.

I was born and brought up in edinburgh, I attende St Ninians Primary and stanthonys which I understand no longer exists. The only italian teacher at St Anthonys was a Mr Campanella I dont remember a Mr Demarco. You probably would know my mother and fathers family. They lived in the grassmaket. My uncle Johnny was a pastry chef in North British Hotel. My mothers family were the tomassos. I am now living in London and since I retired Ihave decided to try and trace any relativs in Italy. The only Italian that i speak is what I call kitchn italian. I am going to italy at Easter and will be visiting casino. Because of the war and have my doubts if any of my relations are still alive
Because My grandparents were illiterate I know it is going to be difficult to gt any information The family came from cassino.

Well I hope you dont mind me writing to you

God Bles Remo

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