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Posted by lorena on 02/03/04 at 1:51 PM

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hi roberto!it was great to get your post!i am a grandfather is vincenzo and he had several brothers.he was born in settefrati and married into the cugini family from san donato.he was born around 1885-89.he died before i was born so i only had my grandmother (lucia cugini)to explain some things . one of which is that we had family in france (are we french italians?) although she came to the usa she went back and forth to san donato to give birth. she was never naturalized and i hope that it is possible for me as a grandchild to become an italian citizen . i would very much like any information that you feel you want to share . i have no relations that i know of in the u.s.a. i think everyone went to massachusettes or philly when they came into the country (they traveled together) but my grandfather went to new york.kindest regards, i will check the settefrati site as soon as i leave here .is there a way i can post my e-mail address?.again i thank you in advance-ciao

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