Di Cioccio and Nota Families

Posted by Claudia Emery on 04/29/03 at 1:36 PM

Subject:   Di Cioccio and Nota Families

I am looking for members of my grandfather's family. His name was Biagio Di Cioccio. His brother, Alfonso, owned and ran a store in Colle S. Magno for a long time. He had a brother named Giuseppe who came to the US also, but died here in 1935. He had another brother, Magno, who also came to the US and died a few years ago. He had a sister, Lucrezia and I believe another sister, Helen, who died when she was very young. Biagio married Raffaella Nota. Biagio came to the US in 1904 with his brothers to find work and a place to live. My grandmother, Rafaella immagrated two years later and brought their only child at the time, Dominica who was 2 when she came to the US. Most of the brothers went back to Italy. I know I still have relatives in Colle San Magno and some in Rocasecca, but I am looking to find someone who can give me a complete geneology or who can point me to where I might find some info to do the research. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

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