San Donato

Posted by Anthony Baccari on 01/14/04 at 11:38 AM

Subject:   San Donato

Interesting letter. My grandparents and father immigrated from San Donato to New York about 1950. My grandmothers maiden name was Salvucci. I know there are a few still there since visiting there in 2001. My wife and I both loved it and became interested in it and it's history. most recently I read a book of the battle of Monte Cassino and after speaking to my father he told me he recalls Germans taking my grandparents home to be used as a headquarters of some kind. If you are faminliar with the area the home was on a large area of land around what is now the soccer field at the lower edge of the city. He also told me of some miracles that took place mostly at the church. I was looking if anyone else heard of them.

Anthony Baccari

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