For those researching families in San Donato

Posted by Joanna Leone on 02/07/04 at 2:20 PM

Subject:   For those researching families in San Donato

If anyone is searching for their family history information, please let me know some of the nicknames. My mother, Antonetta Leone (maiden name Fabrizio) was born in 1927 and grew up in San Donato. She knows many families by their nicknames, so if you know the nickname, let me know.

There are many San Donatese that live in Connecticut, Newton, and Brighton as well as Quincy that remember families by their nicknames. There are many common last names, and the only way San Donatese know the family's are by the nicknames. There is a San Donato festival in Boston in August. Also, there is a San Donato gathering in the Bronx and in Boston each year in November. Someone at the gathering may be able to help you.

Also, it is worthwhile to visit San Donato because if you sit in the piazza, someone always knows information. The town is very small, and the best way to learn your family history is by going to San Donato. The people there are friendly, and that really is the best way to know.

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