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Posted by Joanna Leone on 02/07/04 at 2:59 PM

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Hi Lorena,

When do you plan to travel to San Donato? I will be there some time in late March until April. It would be funny if we were both there at the same time. I will also go again in the early summer. There is someone in San Donato that is going to e mail me information on rooms or apartments for rent. I am looking to rent an apartment there, so I will share the information with you when I get it.

You can get to San Donato from Rome by train. If you go to the train station in Rome, you will take the train for about 1 and a half hours to a city called Cassino. I have taken the train right at Fumicino airport to Cassino. There are also buses, but the bus ride from Rome, but it is very long as it stops everywhere (but it is cheap) The best thing to do is take the train from the airport to Cassino. It is safer

From Cassino you can take a taxi to San Donato ( or if you know of any relatives, it would be cheaper for you to get a ride to the town)

If we are there at the same time, we can split the cab fare. There is also a person in town that picks up tourists (although he is a little expensive)
His name is Alfredo Pesce, and he lives in San Donato. If you need his phone number, I can get it for you. He picks up tourists at the train station or the airport.

It is safe to travel alone, as I have done it many times. The only advice I can give you (from past experience is to travel "light") The mistake I have made is that I am lugging around too many suitcases. Try to travel light so when you are hopping on the train and through the airports, you are not carrying too many heavy bags. Also, avoid wearing expensive jewelry as it may attract "pick pockets". Try to dress casual and simple with comfortable shoes.

Also, be careful when you are taking a taxi. Make sure it is clearly marked "taxi" and be sure there is a meter in the car, as there are some people that will try to pose as a taxi driver and charge you very high fare.

Let me know when you are going..and if you need anything else.

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