Posted by joanne iuppa-hayden on March 28, 2004 at 06:53:38:

Was overwhelmingly delighted to find three of my mother's first cousins and their family homestead in Castlenuovo Parano. It was a very moving experience to visit with them and their children and grandchildren personally and, despite a language barrier, was able to get messages translated and sent to relatives and get e-mails back from younger generation English speakers, see family documents and artifacts! Now we hope to see the DiRaimo, Panista relatives here in the USA, will be forwarding other cousins back "to the fatherland" to relive our experiences. We hope to make the trip back again to learn even more about our heritage by visiting the churches and mayoral offices. We're in our sixties, and praise the internet and all the websites, message boards and searches that made our dream of finding grandpa's family one hundred years after his leaving possible!

Joanne Iuppa-Hayden, Laurie Bunn, Elaine Jennings..... granddaughters of Antonio DeSimone, USA immigrant 1903.

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