Poem about San Donato Val Di Comino

Posted by Joanna Leone on April 15, 2004 at 21:12:58:

I have written a poem about San Donato Val Di Comino. The poem is a true reflection of the town.

"Cobblestone Roads that Lead You Home."
Joanna Leone

The town drapes its velvet green gowns across the countryside,

tiny diamonds pierce through the cascades of blue satin as the moon swims through the night sky to light the cobblestone path that leads you home.

The olive trees' old, crooked branches waltz with the wind as teh aroma of pine trees fill the air.

Hear the orchestra of the crickets' serenade with the chorus of laughter as teh moon stretches it arms across the vineyard!

Bell towers chant loudly to remind us of the passing of time; aging houses of white and gray stand proudly as teh silhouettes of the children float near the windows as you stroll by.

The splashes of crimson and pink roses hug every balcony, scents of garlic, baked bread, and cappuccino creates temptation as it enters the air.

Fell the gravel on the old, twisted roads tickle your feet; only sounds of the splashes in the scarlet river of wine echo in your mind as you run freely in the piazza.

The scent of chocolate pastry brings a smile at midnight for your journey home.

Where is this land we call home? San Donato Val Di Comino!

The lights of the towns nearby wink at you to welcome you without words!

Only the scents and sights will carry you home.

Simple pleasures of picking the ripe, mature fig as it dangles at the tip of the September branches bring joy to you.

Hear the people banter in the streets as they share stories of past wars; see the sweat of the honest laborer at day's end as the voices of the townspeople bargaining with the vendors fill the streets.

It is a simple town that has charm and beauty that can not be labeled with a price tag. Although the cracks on the balconies get wider with age, the strength and passion of the people endures forever.

Joanna M. Leone
age 36
Connecticut (San Donatese at heart!)

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