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Vincenzo Piselli in 1930 census: Brooklyn, Kings, New York ED 24-66, page 1A
living at 772 Dean Street
Vincent, age 45, married at 19, arrived in 1901, born Italy, naturalized citizen, forman, subway construction
Lucy, age 41, married at 15, arrived in 1906, born Italy, naturalized.
Pasquale, age 21, born Italy, arrived 1901, naturalized
Amelia, age 17, born NY
Pauline, age 15, born NY
Anthony, age 9, born NY

In 1920, Brooklyn, Kings, NY, ED 579, page 22A
Vincent, age 35, arrived 1901, Ship's carpenter, born Italy, arrived 1907, papers applied for.
Lucy, age 30, born Italy (born 6 Jun 1888, died Dec 1967)
Dante, age 12, born Italy
Paquale, age 11, born Italy (born 6 Jan 1909, died Jun 1974)
Amelia, ge 7
Pauline, age 5

Lucia Cugini arrived on the Cedric, out of Naples on Dec. 31, 1909 out of the Port of Naples. With her was son Donato Piselli, age 3, and Pasquale Piselli age 11 months, all born San Donato. She left her father, Cresidio in Italy, and on the way to meet her husband, Vincenzo Peselli.

The paperwork for Vincent Piselli's declaration of intent is in volume 130, the declaration page is 118, and the year 1916. The Petition is in Vol 178, the Petition Page is 189. You can contact the NARA via e-mail and request info. It appears they were not naturalized before 1920...this means they could have been born after the birth of Anthony...which would qualify you for dual citizenship. If the date was after 1922, Lucy would have had to apply even though she is listed on the census of 1930 as naturalized, she may never have been...which makes Anthony born prior to any change of citizenship and you elegible for dual citizenship. You will have to verify this information in order to get the proof you need.

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