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Posted by Lucianne (Marini) Abbondanzio on May 26, 2005 at 04:13:01:

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Dear Jennifer,

Although very late, I have some information for you relting to the Mazzola's of Winship Street in Brighton, MA.

Your grandfather, Armando had three brothers, as follows:

Vito Mazzola (deceased) was married to Mary. Mary may still be alive and was living on Agawam Beach in Wareham, MA. Vito had 3-4 children, but I do not know their names, but they should be living in Massachusetts, perhaps Wareham.

Nazzarino (deceased) was married to Mary (Tempesta) of Winship Street in Brighton. They too lived for some time on Agawam Beach in Wareham, MA. Mary and Ned moved to Florida some time ago where Ned first died, then Mary died last year. Mary and Ned had no children.

Cesido (Joe) Mazzola was married to Antionette (Cocuzzo). Joe and Antionette lived on Winship Streeet for years. Both are deceased, but have one son Anthony, who is living in Beverly, Massachusetts. I know this because Antionette was my mother's sister. My aunt and uncle also lived on Agawam Beach in Wareham, MA.

I hope this information helps you.

Lucianne (Marini) Abbondanzio

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