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Posted by Erin M Capocci on January 14, 2005 at 03:30:47:

I just started on a genealogy project. My goal is to trace the Capocci line as far back as possible and then come back to the present to with all descendants on one tree. This adventure that I took on has not been very fruitful yet. Unfortunately I have become stuck with my great grandfather, Dominick Capocci. To this date, here is what I know.
Dominick Capocci was from Picinisco, Italy. He came through New York with his wife Antonia Meleora around 1913. Unfortunately, Dominick had TB and was not allowed to immigrate to the US. His wife remained in New York and gave birth to Albert Capocci (my grandfather), while Dominick was sent back to Italy where he died. Albert had a full brother, Michael, who died of TB around the age of 12. I do not have any other information on Dominick Capocci or Michael Capocci who both died of TB. Antonia remarried to the Frattaroli's who is believed to have been a close friend with Dominick. Albert Capocci went deaf during a raging infection. He was sent to Connecticut to a school for the deaf. He never went back to see his mother, so I am told, but visited Uncles and cousins in Bristol, Connecticut. I know there are many names that come from Bristol and there are some large Capocci families that were in the same area. What I do not have is any hard evidence of connections. All I have is vague memories of my father, Ralph Capocci, and his brother, Paul Capocci.
I would be very grateful for any information on this Capocci line. Including, birth dates, death dates, immigration dates, marriage dates, relationships, and any other information you may have. Even partial information is very useful. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Respectfully Yours,
Erin Capocci

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