Gabrielli family/Strangolagalli

Posted by Cecilia Gabrielli on March 21, 2005 at 16:31:51:

I am first generation Italian-American. My father Giancarlo Silvio Gabrielli was born in Somalia during WWII to parents Lucia DiSavino Gabrielli and Augusto Gabrielli. Augusto was born in Strangolagalli, and was the youngest of the family. I am looking for relatives in Rome and Strangolagalli, with whom my father and I have lost contact. I am also the niece of Frank (Giancarlo's little brother, born in the states). I am, especially, looking for Carlo's daughters, Paola and Patrizia, any of Franco Gabrielli's family, and Virginia (married, different last name). Augusto was the youngest brother of Guiseppe, and sister Maria. I do recall that one of his other brothers was Sandro. Anyone reading this with info. on my family in Rome, Strangolagalli, or the surrounding area, please do contact me.


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