Leone Relatives in San Donato

Posted by LINDA LEONE DONALDS on April 08, 2005 at 22:39:27:

My sister Marianne and I will be visiting San Donato in September. We are hoping to visit relatives who are still living there. Our grandfather Carmine Leone married Maria Antonia Leone also from San Donato. They had a son Gerardo, our father. Carmine left for USA in 1913, and 8 years later Maria and our father came also. They settled in Newton MASS where many residents of San Donato have settled and where I still live in the house my grandfather built. We don't know much about Carmine's family but believe he had 3 sisters and a brother, maybe named Antonio who remained in Italy. They had two more children, Cesidio (Joe) and Elena (Eleanor). Eleanor visited San Donato in 1976 and visited many cousins. She can't remember their names but one name she remembers is pronounced Ursilia. We would love to meet our cousins when we visit in September. If you have any information, please contact me. Grazie.

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