Mazzola - Denning

Posted by Jim Denning on April 13, 2005 at 17:22:06:

To you people from Brighton who might be mid fities do you remember Rita Mazzola And Jim "dj" Denning

well if you do Hi .
If i can be of assistance just ask

I am the List owner of Irish-dna, Piscopo-l-Heslin-l, McHugh-l,Cogan-l-Machelsea-l, Ita-Frosinone-l, Mazzola-l @rootsweb
Project Manager of Chelsea Ma. Genetics Project, Denning & Variants Project - Farrell Genetics Project - The Cogan Project - the Duggan Project- County Longford Project - Frosinone Italy Project

if anyone has people from revere chelsea or winthrop my machelsea project covers that tri town area and can really help.

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