Tortolani from Atina - Help in Vital Records

Posted by Debbie on April 30, 2005 at 22:13:49:

Hi, maybe someone can me obtain vital record info on my paternal grandfather's family. I have a copy of his birth cert. that I obtain from Comune di Atina. In requesting his, I also ask for other family members which I did not receive. (my grandfathr had a twin sister and 1 that was not a twin. For some reason these were not sent. Also trying to get info on his family, ( parents, brothers, sisters, cousins,etc.) also any type of vital record ( baptism,communion, confirmation, etc.) I applied for dual-citizenship and was made aware that my grandfather was married before my grandmother. Boy was that a good one. I have names and dates on this info that the Italian Consulate gave me to research this. Anyone able to do any searching in Atina for me? What can you possible receive? Any address or names sof churches that might have any information on this? How much? Please e-mail me. Thank you

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