Cardarelli in San Donato val di Comino

Posted by Sandro Pellegrini on May 05, 2005 at 02:18:05:

Hi everyone! My father Luigi Pellegrini was born in San Donato in 1921.
I am trying to fill in his Mother's Cardarelli relatives. Here's what I know :
Giuseppina Cardarelli 1900-1974 (my grandmother)
Loreto Pellegrini 1896-1963 (my grandfather)
Married in 1919 or 1920
Alessandro Cardarelli 1872-? (Giuseppina's Father)
Santa Coletti 1890-? (Giuseppina's Mother)
I'm trying to find out the missing dates above and any other Cardarelli ancestors (or Coletti !) names.
What little I know about my Great Grandfather (and namesake) is that he spent time in the US (NYC and Quincy, MA) at various times around 1905 and 1911 (maybe before 1901 also)
And if I remember correctly Alessandro also killed "the last wolf" in the area and was presented with a citation from the King (Emmanuel I ? II ?) and the document is still displayed somewhere in San Donato to this day. Any corrections welcome. Thanks !

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