Re: Joanna Leone Are U Out There?

Posted by Joanna Leone on May 14, 2005 at 21:56:01:

In Reply to: Re: Joanna Leone Are U Out There? posted by Lin on April 10, 2005 at 19:33:16:

My suggestion is that you take a bus from Cassino to san donato as it is cheaper.

If you want to hire a person from San Donato to pick you up and bring you back to the airport, the charge is about $ 280.00 - $300.00 round trip. There is one person in san donato that I know makes round trips to the airport in Rome to san donato. His last name is "Pesce". If you want his number let me know, but unless you are splitting the fare with 3 or more people, I would think your best bet is to take the train to cassino and then a bus to san donato. The trains usually run every hour or so.

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