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Posted by Wendell Murray on June 03, 2005 at 21:37:49:

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For what it's worth, I did a little looking in the Italian white pages ( While the Pannunzio surname is found in Campobasso (all over Molise, actually), I only find Iosca in the region of Lazio, specifically in a collection of little villages south or Rome. Perhaps not coincidentally, Pannunzio is found there as well. This is what I found, the number represents the number of current telephone listings for the surname:

For the surname IOSCA:
Sermoneta (1)
Roma (8)
Formia (1)
Latina (4)
Pomezia (3)
Lariano (1)
Lanuvio (1)

For the surname PANNUNZIO:

Roma (27)
Ardea (6)
Ronciglione (1)
Latina (2)
Pomezia (5)
San Polo Dei Cavalieri (1)
Torvaianica (1)

Most of these towns are within a stone's throw of one another. Of course, Rome has the highest number, but that can be misleading. It is common for young people nowadays to leave the villages to work in the major cities. I find the towns of Latina, Ardea, and Pomezia good suspects. This is just an idea.

Going back to Molise, however. Historically there were Iosca from the town of Trivento just north of Campobasso. The Ellis Island records show a Luigi Iosca immigrating from there. Ellis Island also shows Pannunzio immigrants from Agnone, this is also just north of Campobasso, and about 17 miles from Trivento. So, this might be another alternative to check, especially considering that your family remembers Campobasso.

Hope this will help.


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