Mauro Macera and Maria Grazia Cardillo

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Mauro Macera arrived at Ellis Island 4/14/1905 aboard the Perugia departing from Naples age 25. The family believes his birth date to be 2/5/1879. He probebly traveld with his brother Silvestio who arrived the same day on the same ship his age was 28. Mauro's last address before departure was Castleunovo Para and Silvestio's was Roccagorga.
Mauro then returned to Italy in 1907 to bring his wife and children to the US. No records have been found for children to prove this but I have found records for his wife her brother and possibly another of his brothers.
Mauro arrived at Ellis Island on 6/15/1907 aboard the Italia departing from Naples with Wife Maria Grazia age 21 though family has birthdate as 1881 makeing her 26, Maria's brother Cesare Cardillo (listed as Gardillo)age 34 and possibly Mauro's brother Angelo age 27.
Many more macera's and Cardillo's arrived during the years of 1905 and 1907 from the same areas though I have no way of knowing if any of them are connected to theese people because they came on different ships and dates.
Any info on Mauro,Maria,Cesare,silvestio and Angelo or family related to them would be greatly apreciated.
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