Pasquale, Giaginta, Carmela GIZZI from San Giuseppe FR

Posted by Christina DeSano Binkowski on September 06, 2005 at 18:05:47:

As a follow up to my grandmother, Carmella Gizzi (born in San Giuseppe, Frosinone), whose father was Pasquale and her mother Giaginta, but we don't know where she married about 1908-1910. They had a child, ?Florence in Italy where she died at the age of about six. During the 1910 period, she emigrated to America with her husband, Giuseppi DeSano (DiSano) who happened to have been born in Philadelphia. Carmella had the following siblings: Danielle Gizzi, who emigrated to Belgium with their sisters Teresa, unknown, and Antoinette (Sister Lucie), who were nuns in Belgium. The most successful was Diamond Gizzi, who had a mosaic/tile business in Hamburg, Germany. My deepest appreciation to Ann Tatangelo and Wendell Murray for their invaluable and extremely prompt assistance.

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